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10 of the super best PHP Frameworks list.

Every web-developers are aware of the successful server-side scripting language PHP because almost half of the web is powered by PHP it’s also easy to learn and has detailed documentation.

But as the saying goes Nothing is perfect. PHP also have some downfalls. It’s time consuming and frustrating while building a large web applications and that’s why use of PHP framework take place in the web development.

Use of a framework is time saving and very efficient idea as it eliminate the separated code and replace it with simple code such as generic components and modules. PHP Frameworks are super useful tools that can significantly improve the programming workflow.

Simple structure of PHP framework

A Toolbox: No it’s not a mechanical toolbox, but it is a set of prefabricated and rapidly integrating functional components that simply specify the DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) or to write less code and error free code.

A Methodology: To work efficiently as well as effectively a methodology is necessary in terms of an assembly diagram for applications that simply means a structured approach.

In this post i listed ten Frameworks that i found useful and most relevant for development, i hope you find useful of this php frameworks list.


CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP web application framework with a small footprint and clear documentation thereby reducing the server’s work. In actual, it require less configuration and has a simple solution to many complex applications.

codeignite php framework


Popularity is the best feature of this amazing, free and open-source PHP Framework which is simple and plain approach with traditional Model-View-Contoller(MVC) pattern. It is built on top of several Symphony components.

laravel php framework


Symfony is build to speed up the creation and maintenance of the PHP projects. It is a very powerful MVC framework. It is flexible to use and is considered as one of the complete PHP frameworks.

symfony php framework


Phalcon is an open-source and full stack PHP framework for you to work at the speed of light. Yup it’s the fastest among this list. It is build in C and offered as PHP extension, hence it is able to save processor time and to increase the overall performance.

phalcon php framework


Even non-PHP developer has heard this name. CakePHP is one of the leading php framework that is licensed under the MIT license and has been build to make the workflow faster.

cake php framework


Simple, flexible, community driven, well documented and licensed under the MIT license. What else would you want. A Dynamic PHP framework that is build with care and consideration of development aspects.

fuel php framework

Yii PHP Framework

Yii is an open-source free and high performance PHP framework that is best suits to web 2.0 applications. It comes with too many rich features and has very powerful caching support.

yii php framework


Tagline based on sting’s song makes it more considerable. A powerful and well documented PHP framework built around the MVC pattern. Actually it’s not the complete package but can definitely helps to get control over the code.

agavi php framework

Zend Framework 2

An open-source PHP framework which use PHP 5.3+. It makes use of 100% object oriented code. It is lightweight, easily customizable and highly focused on simplicity of the code and functionality.



As the name suggest slim is a micro PHP framework that lets you make simple and powerful web applications and APIs.

slim php framework

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