Adding custom domain to github pages

Adding custom domain to github pages

  1. Create CNAME in domain provider website (Bigrock, godaddy)
  2. Here I have taken domain from bigrock.

What is CNAME ?

  • It is something like creating alias for your website.
  • Canonical Name record (abbreviated as CNAME record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain.

Adding CNAME for your Github page website

  1. Login to your DNS provider website
  2. Click on Manage DNS

Click on CNAME Records

Click on Add records

Host name: your domain

Value: your github page site URL

Here you can see CNAME which you have added

Now login to your Github account and Open your GitHub Repository and click on Setting

Give your custom domain name and click on save

Now if someone open your github page website it will redirect to your Custom Domain.

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