ODI Architecture

ODI Studio

  • There are four Major component of ODI

— Designer
— Operator
— Topology and
— Security.

  •  ODI Studio offers an easy to use graphical user interface
  •  You can install this ODI studio in any operating systemscreenshot_2

ODI component

1. Designer Navigator:


  •  In this layer we defines rules for data transformation and data integrity.
  •  Purpose of this layer is developing logic for data integration.
  • In this layer we create Project, mapping,variable and sequences.
  • Designer layer contains

— Project
— Model
— Load plan and scenario
— Global Object
— Labels

2. Operator:

  •  Operator manages and monitors data integration processes in production.
  • After running odi Project we can see the status of Project whether Project is working Correctly or not and you can see Error if there is an Error in Project.
  •  Mainly This layer is used by Support People.

3. Topology:

  • This layer act as your information system.
  • In this layer We define our Source system Exa. Database, file etc.
  • This layer define physical and logical architecture of Infrastructure.
  • Topology contains

— Physical Architecture
— Context
— Logical Architecture
— Language
— Repositories
— Generic action

4. Security:

  • Security manages user profiles, roles and their privileges.
  •  Security can also assign access authorization to objects and features.
  • Security administrators generally use this module.

ODI Repository

 ODI Repository classified as

  1. Master Repository
  2. Work Repository
  • Repositories are the central component in ODI Architecture
  • ODI Studio is the component used to access these ODI repositories
  •  ODI has agents (Java EE and Standalone) which are multi-threaded java programs provided by ODI to facilitate access to ODI from outside environment
  •  The Repository consists of one or more Master Repositories and typically several Work Repositories.
  • Master Repository contain Topology and Security component.
  •  Work Repository Contain Designer and Operator.

ODI 12C Installation Step

Step 1:Down Load Oracle data integrator 12c from below link.
Download ODI 12
step 2: download both zip file

step 3: downloaded zip file
step 4: Extract that zip file

step 5:First install fusion middle ware infrastructure

open cmd
go to java jdk bin directory
run jar file using: java -jar d path_of_your_jar

After finishing Extraction you will see below window, click on next

step 6: Specify the installation path and click on next

step 7:select fusion middle ware infrastructure with example and click on next


step 8: Click on next

step 9: Wait until all component installation finish

step 10: Click on finish


Installing ODI 12C
step 1:Now in cmd execute odi jar file using
java -jar path_of_jar.jar


step 2: click on next


step 3: specifies the installation path and click on next

step 4: click on next


step 5: click on next
step 6: click on install
step: Click on finish


Note: Now we successfully install ODI
Before getting started with ODI create Master and Work repository

How to create Master and work Repository.

open your odi installation path
and run rcu.bat file
for Detailed step See Repository Creation