Assigning new Responsibility to user In Oracle EBS

Navigate to System Administrator- Security-User

Query the user by pressing F11 key

You can see Responsibility which is already assigned to user

Click on plus sign add more Responsibility

Search for Responsibility which you want to add

Now navigate EBS Home page, You can see Responsibility which we have added.

Setting up EBS instance

Steps to Setting up EBS instance(Without that We can not access Oracle form).

  1. Setting up environment Variable.(java_tool_option)
  2. Adding EBS Application URL to Internet Explorer compatibility.
  3. Adding EBS Application URL to Trusted site(Internet Explorer)
  4. Adding EBS  URL to java Exception List.


1. Right click on my computer and Select Properties.

2. Click on Advance System setting

3. Create New Environment Variable

Click on compatibility view setting( Internet Explorer)

Add your domain here

Adding Application URL to trusted site

Go to internet Explorer and select internet option

Navigate to security and click on site

Click on add site to trusted site

Go to control panel and Click on java

Navigate to Security and add EBS Application URL.

Add your instance link

Now you can open form in Oracle EBS.