Change data capture Screen

Change Data Capture

Changed Data Capture as the term implies is used to capture the data that
is inserted, updated and deleted at the source side and replicating the
same at the target.

  • ODI have a Journalizing KM to do the required implementation and it is basically into two types simple and consistent.
  • Simple is used for CDC implementation on a single table and Consistent on Multiple tables or Model.
  • The purpose of CDC is allow applications to process changed data only.
Steps to Implement CDC
1.Set the CDC parameters
2. Add the datas tores to the CDC
3. For consistent set journalizing, arrange the data stores in order
4. Add subscribers
5. Start the journals
• After creating data server, physical schema and logical schema ,create models
1Select the tables needed in this schema, then reverse engineer the
needed tables

Import the JKM –here we using
JKM oracle Simple


Click on journalizing tab in the model, select simple
and KM  JKM oracle simple. my_project


Set up the CDC Infrastructure.

Right click on customer_cdc, and select Change data capture


A yellow clock icon is added in the table.

Right click on the customer_cdc table  change data capture start journal



Step 3
Step the default subscriber

 sunopsis,- click on ok
Can see a green clock symbol in the customer_cdc table.The session will start

Step 4
Operatorall excecutions  check the the customer_cdc is executed successfully.


 Modelview data

Step 5:
Change any row, [
cust_id :101, cust_name ( XYZ)
 Cust_id : 104 , phone_number 100
 Deleted, last row
 cust_id—201 ]


To verify that your changed data is captured, right-click Customer_cdc,
and select Change Data Capture > Journal Data. Find the captured
changed records in the journal data.


Now the output is:


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