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Java basic

What is java ?

Why Java is platform independent language ?


Java environment variable setting up

Creating First java program

Variable in java

Method in java

Taking input from user using Scanner class

Array in java

Control Statement in java

for loop in java

While loop in java

switch case in java

Use of final keyword

Unary Operator in java

Logical operator in java

Object in java

Package in java

what is package and advantage of packages ?

JVM memory management ?

Java Memory management

Class and Object

What is class and Object with Example

Types of member in class

Types of member in class

Types of Block in java

Static block in java with Example

Non Static Block in java with example


what is Constructor and why we use Constructor ?

Default Constructor with example

Constructor Overloading Example

Use of This() method


what is Composition in java ?

Static Object Example

Inheritance in java

What Inheritance and types of inheritance ?

Why java does not support multiple inheritance ?

Single level inheritance with Example

Multi Level inheritance with Example

Hierarchical Inheritance with Example

what is the use of This keyword in java

super keyword in java

Constructor calling in java

What is Constructor calling in java ?

Constructor Chaining in java with example ?

what is the use of Super() method ?

Type Casting in java

what is Type casting and types of casting in java ?

Types of class casting

What is Class cast Exception?

up casting Example

Down casting Example

How to overcome class cast Exception

Method overloading in java

Var arg method

what is Method Overloading with example ?

Method overriding in java 

Method Overriding with Example


What is Polymorphism and Types of Polymorphism ?

Compile time polymorphism Example

Run time polymorphism Example

Loose coupling

Loose coupling in java

Abstraction in java

What is Abstraction ?

Abstract Class in java


Encapsulation in java

java bean class

Java Bean Class in java

Singleton class

Singleton class in java


What is Thread ?

Exception Handling in java 

Exception Handling in java

Use of Throw keyword

use of Throws keyword in java

Generating Custom Exception in java

Collection framework in java

What is Collection Framework ?

Types of collection

ArrayList Collection

LinkedList Collection in java

Priority Queue in java

Hashset collection

Linkedhashset collection