Creating concurrent program IN EBS

A concurrent program is an executable file that runs simultaneously with other concurrent programs and with online operations,fully utilizing your hardware capacity.

You can schedule the concurrent program.

Typically, a concurrent program is a long-running, data-intensive task, such as posting a journal or generating a report.

Before creating concurrent program we need to create Executable for concurrent program.

You can add run time parameter in concurrent program.

Before creating concurrent program we create Executable for program.

Creating executable

Creating concurrent program

Just click on parameter to add parameter for your concurrent program.

Parameter for Concurrent program

Seq :- Enter sequence number for the parameter.

Parameter :- Enter Name of the parameter.

Description :- Enter description for the parameter(Optional).

Enable Check box :- Uncheck this if you want to disable parameter.

Under Validation section enter the following fields.

Value Set :- Enter name of the value set that you want to attach with your parameter.

Required Check box :- Check this checkbox if you want to make this parameter mandatory.

Under Display section enter the following fields :-

Display Size :- Enter the display size of the parameter.

Description Size :- Enter size for the description.

Prompt :- Enter Prompt i.e. the name you want to show to you user for the parameter

Creating Concurrent program

1] XXGST ASP Extraction Program

Before Creating Concurrent program we will create Executable.

Creating Executable

Creating concurrent program

Defining parameter

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