Creating Project in Maven

Steps to Create Project in Maven

Step 1:Execute command(windows cmd)

mvn archetype:generate

archetype generate project structure for your project based on archetype selection

Step 2: choose archetype for your project or Enter to select default archetype

Step 3:Choose archetype version

Step 4:Define value for Group_id which is Project name

Step 5:Define value for artifact id

Step 6:Define value for package

Step 7:Click Enter button to Build a project.

Step 8:Now if everything working fine then you will get Build success message.

Step 9:You can see project is created.

Step 10: See the Project folder maven automatically created src folder and pom.xml file

Converting Maven Project to Eclipse support Project

Step 1:Navigate to Maven project where your pom.xml present.
and Execute below command.

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Step 2:if everything working fine then you will get Build success message

Step 3: You can see the .class and .project file created Now you can import this project into eclipse and Start development

Importing project into Eclipse

step 1:select import in file menu

step 2:Click on general and select import Project folder

step 3:Click on Browse and Select your Project folder

step 4:Click on next

step 5:Click on finish button

step 6:You can see the Project is successfully imported.

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