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Environment Setup for Sass

Sass is a CSS pre-processor that helps you to write more smart and dynamic code. It comes in two syntax: .scss and .sass as i say in previous article.

There are so many application that allows you to running up Sass in few minutes on cross platform and some of them are listed below.


And many more. BTW, i am not using any of them because i like to compile Sass via Command line.

Installing Sass on Windows

To running up Sass on windows, you will need to install Ruby. Pick the latest version of Ruby and install it.

While running the installation, there is a check box option called Add Ruby executables to your PATH.

This is option is unchecked by default, you need to check this option. This will set up an environment variable to be linked to the Ruby installation for your command prompt.

If you forgot to check that box than perform the following step.

  1. Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced Options > Environment Variables
  2. Look for path and put in the path of the ruby bin installed, here my ruby path is : C:Ruby200bin;
Environment Setup for Sass
Environment Setup for Sass

Once you have done ruby installation then go forward to Sass and Compass installation.

Perform the following command in Command prompt:

gem install sass compass

The above command will install Sass and Compass, it may take some time to install necessary files.

You should now have Sass and Compass installed, but it never hurts to double-check. So, check in your Command prompt.

sass -v
compass -v

You should return the detail about Sass and Compass version number. Now you have successfully installed Sass.

Installing Sass on Linux and OS X

To install Sass and Compass both on linux/OS X platform, you will first need to install ruby and ruby gems packages.

You can install ruby on various linux or on OS X platform by following this article. And then again perform this command in your terminal.

sudo gem install sass compass

Oh Yeah, that was the final step, now you have installed Sass and Compass both on your system. So, Now are ready to become expert in Sass.

If you are very new beginners in Sass than check out CSS-Tricks’ Screencast.

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