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Essential Sublime Text Plugins

Sublime Text is one of the best editor for developers. It’s comes with lots of unique feature including auto completion, select multiple lines, words and columns and many more. It is a flexible text editor for code, markup and prose. If you are a regular coder then you want to try this amazing editor.

Sublime Text 2
Sublime Text 2

Let’s have a look at its amazing plugins

# Package Control

This is a must have plugin because it let you install, remove and update plugins directly within the sublime editor.

# Live Reload

There is no need to refresh your browser each time you make the changes to the file with this plugin. Just hit save on the editor and browser will automatically refresh the page for you.

# Emmet

Improve your code efficiency and write code faster. Emmet previously known as Zen-coding which let’s you write HTML and CSS using short hands.

# Git

This is pretty cool plugin for Git integration in Sublime Text editor. It can execute Git command from editor itself.

# GitGutter

With GitGutter, you can see which lines have been added, deleted or modified in the gutter.

# Terminal

Launch terminals from the current file or the root project folder.

# Apply Syntax

ApplySyntax is a plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3 that allows you to detect and apply the syntax of files that might not otherwise be detected properly.

# Color Picker

The ColorPicker plugin lets you use a color picker within Sublime Text.

# Alignment

Provide multi-line and multiple selection alignment plugin for Sublime Text 2.

# SublimeLinter

Inline lint highlighting for the Sublime Text editor.

# Sublime CodeIntel

Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine.

# Bracket Highlighter

Bracket and tag highlighter for Sublime Text. Bracket Highlighter matches a variety of brackets such as: [], (), {}, “”, ”, , and even custom brackets.

# Trimmer

Trimmer will strip whitespace from your files when you hit CTRL+S.

# Sidebar Enhancement

Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.

# AllAutoComplete

Extends the default autocomplete to find matches in all open files. By default Sublime only considers words found in the current file.

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  1. Rylan

    Putting “trim_trailing_white_space_on_save”: true in your User Preferences File (Mac: Preferences – Settings – User) should remove the need for Trimmer. Nice list!

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