Integration Strategy

Integration strategy

  • For every mapping Integration process is required.
  • This process integrates data from the source or loading tables into the target data store, using a temporary integration table.
  •  Different Types of integration strategies are:
    1. Control Append:
    2. Incremental Update
    3. Slowly Changing dimension

Types of integration strategies

1. Control Append:

  •  In this type of integration we directly append data into Target.

2. Incremental Update

  •  In this type of Integration before inserting data into target first
    we check data is Existing in target or not, if data is exist then we
    update otherwise We update that data.

3. Slowly Changing dimension

  • This type Of Integration We usually used for Track record of data.
  • It is used to keep track of changes on specific attributes
  • Suppose in Some Attribute Changes slowly According Dimension.   i.e. Employee master data table There are some Attribute Location, Department This attributes are changing According to  dimension so we need to track all data So for that purpose we use Slowly Changing dimension Integration Strategy.

 Different types of SCD 

  • SCD Type 1
  • SCD Type 2
  •  SCD Type 3

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