Knowledge Module

Knowledge Module

• Knowledge Modules (KMs) are code templates.
• This Code written using java or python language.
• Each KM has dedicated functionality

Types of Knowledge Module

1. Reverse-engineering Knowledge Module(RKM)
• It retrieves meta data from Repository.

• it is used perform a customized reverse-engineering

2. Check Knowledge Module

• It is used to check data consistency again constraints

• It is used in mapping to control data flow.

3. Loading Knowledge Module

• If source and target technology is different than LKM is required.

• Suppose if we are doing file to table mapping then LKM file to SQL is required.

4. Integration Knowledge Module

• For each mapping IKM is required.

• It is used to integrate data from staging area to Target

5. Journalizing Knowledge Module

• It is used while implementing change data capture procedure.

6. Service Knowledge Module

• It is used to Generates data manipulation web services

How to import knowledge module in ODI ?

step 1: Go to Project and
Right click on Knowledge module and select Import knowledge module


step 2: Select knowledge module like below

step 3: You can see import report


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