ODI Architecture

ODI Studio

  • There are four Major component of ODI

— Designer
— Operator
— Topology and
— Security.

  •  ODI Studio offers an easy to use graphical user interface
  •  You can install this ODI studio in any operating systemscreenshot_2

ODI component

1. Designer Navigator:


  •  In this layer we defines rules for data transformation and data integrity.
  •  Purpose of this layer is developing logic for data integration.
  • In this layer we create Project, mapping,variable and sequences.
  • Designer layer contains

— Project
— Model
— Load plan and scenario
— Global Object
— Labels

2. Operator:

  •  Operator manages and monitors data integration processes in production.
  • After running odi Project we can see the status of Project whether Project is working Correctly or not and you can see Error if there is an Error in Project.
  •  Mainly This layer is used by Support People.

3. Topology:

  • This layer act as your information system.
  • In this layer We define our Source system Exa. Database, file etc.
  • This layer define physical and logical architecture of Infrastructure.
  • Topology contains

— Physical Architecture
— Context
— Logical Architecture
— Language
— Repositories
— Generic action

4. Security:

  • Security manages user profiles, roles and their privileges.
  •  Security can also assign access authorization to objects and features.
  • Security administrators generally use this module.

ODI Repository

 ODI Repository classified as

  1. Master Repository
  2. Work Repository
  • Repositories are the central component in ODI Architecture
  • ODI Studio is the component used to access these ODI repositories
  •  ODI has agents (Java EE and Standalone) which are multi-threaded java programs provided by ODI to facilitate access to ODI from outside environment
  •  The Repository consists of one or more Master Repositories and typically several Work Repositories.
  • Master Repository contain Topology and Security component.
  •  Work Repository Contain Designer and Operator.

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