Load plan and Scenario

Scenario in ODI

  •  Scenario is nothing but a logical exe kind of a file used for the execution
    of the design.
  •  A scenario is designed to put a source component (interface, package, procedure, variable) into production environment
  • Once All component developed and tested then we will make Scenario and put into in production environment and after that you can’t make changes in Production Environment.

 Using Scenario

  1.  You can Scheduling ODI jobs
  2. Executing all ODI jobs
  3. Creating Load plans


  • It is possible to generate scenarios for packages, procedures, interfaces
    or variables.
  •  Scenarios generated for procedures, interfaces or variables are
    single step scenarios that execute the procedure, interface
    or refresh the variable.
Steps to create Scenario:

Step 1: Right click on Project

step 2: Select Source object for Scenario


Generating Load Plan and Scenario

step 1: Go to load plan and scenario and create new folder in which we are
putting our all load plan

step 2: Create new load plan

step 3: Give name of load plan

step 4: Click to add step

step 5: define step type

step 6: give step name

step 7: Defining step

step 8: Add parallel step

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