How to run Concurrent program from Responsibility

After creating concurrent program. We need to add program into specific Responsibility.

So if want to execute concurrent program you have to go the responsibility where you have added that program.

Step 1 : To run program go to view and Click on request

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\17.png

Step 2 Click on submit a new request

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\18.png

Step 3: Select single request

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\19.png

Step 4 Enter program name and pass Parameter and Click on submit

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\20.png

Step 5: Click on find

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\21.png

Step 6: To see the output Click on View output

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\22.png

Step 7: Output

C:\Users\bhavesh1.lakhani\Desktop\EBS Report\23.png

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