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Speed Up Your Workflow with CSS Preprocessor-Part-I SASS Installation

CSS pre-processors are floating around all across the internet and programmers are making so much effort to keep going with that stuff. There are several pre-processor of CSS are available, but dude there is no other like SASS and i personally love it and you will too. Okay then get your self ready to jump straight over how to install SASS on your windows computer or laptop- A SASS installation.

Step:1-Install Ruby

SASS information require the ruby environment on your laptop. Unlike mac, Windows doesn’t comes with pre-loaded ruby, so you have to get it on your own. Visit the official website of ruby and download the latest version and install it. While running the installation you’ll come across this option screen.


Okay now only one thing you have to do is to click that checkboxes cause it must to be linked within ruby installation for your command line instructions.

Oh crap, i forgot to check that!

Okay no problem, keep calm and continue reading. Follow this path by right clicking no your “my computer”.
my computer>>properties>>advanced options>>environments variables then set the path where you have installed ruby, mine was C:\Ruby193\bin cause i didn’t download a newer version.

Step: 2-Installing sass with command prompt

As of now, we have our ruby environment installed and now we are going to perform some commands in command prompt in order to install SASS. There is an authoring CSS framework that had large collection of functions and variables within. Just google it to get more info about compass

Type the following commands and window will install the SASS and compass for you.

gem install sass compass

Well if you’re a command guy and don’t trust my instincts, you can check the version of installed SASS and compass on your windows by performing the following commands.

sass -v
compass -v

whoa, you’re ready to get live in SASS world, but is there anything else that we’re missing? I think yes! not all the people have love towards command prompt, actually i was one of them who get his heart beat accent when performing the commands, in fear of doing that wrong way. Second reason i found was too common. It’s lacking of graphics and have a set of color combination that is enough to look boring. Thanks to google for it’s everytime support of millions of result in 0.13s that let me learn necessary commands.

Well if you’re person like me then forget everything up here instead use an app. As always one language too many editors, SASS can be developed using following editors.

Codekit for mac

codekit for windows, linux and mac



Koala for windows, linux and mac



Well that’s it. I was only going to tell you about information on installation of SASS over a windows. If you’re interested on other platforms like linux and os x, googling of it will make your way clear. Checkout the second part A worth reading relationship of SASS and CSS to get the detailed concept of SASS.

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