Steps to Create and Register Parameter report in Oracle apps

Steps to Create and Register Parameter report in Oracle apps

  1. Develop the report (.rdf) file using Report builder as per requirement.
  2. Move the report from local machine to the server.
  3. Create Executable using System Administrator
    1. Executable Name
    2. Application Name
    3. Execution Method
    4. Report (.rdf) file name
  4. Create concurrent program and attach:
    1. Executable
    2. Parameter
    3. Incompatibilities
  5. Create Request Group and attach concurrent program
  6. Create responsibility
    1. Request Group
    2. Data group
    3. Menu
  7. Create user and attach responsibilities to it.

User will select the responsibility and go to SRS (Standard request submission) to submit the Request.

  1. Create the template and upload the .rtf file


Executables: Concurrent> Program> Executable

Concurrent Program: Concurrent > Program > Define

Request Group: Security > Responsibility > Request

Responsibility > Security > Responsibility > Request

SRS Window: View Menu > Request > Submit New Request > ok > select pro….. > Submit > No > Find > View Output

1. Create/Update a report in report builder as per requirement (According to MD50 document).

2. Move the report from your Local machine to the server (Normally using WINSCP).

3. Create Executables

Go to System Administration responsibility and navigate to Concurrent> Program> Executable.

4. Define Concurrent Program

Navigate to Concurrent > Program > Define.

And also define parameters if any.

5. Attach this concurrent program to requested group.

Security > Responsibility > Request

6. Switch the responsibility and submit the request from SRS window.

Now save this xml file as “XMLWIZARD.XML” same as our executable name.

7. Now we will create layout in BI Publisher.

To do so open it in ‘word’ and go to the add-ins section.

Load XML file to ADD-INN

Insert value of fields from XML schema

After creating the .rtf file, validate it. (No error should come)

You can preview the output here.

8. Now create the template.

To create template you have to go to the XML Publisher Administrator responsibility.

  • Create the Data Definition


  • Confirmation after creating the template

Here you are done with all necessary steps of creating a BI publisher report in Oracle APPS.

Now you can run the report from SRS as in Step 6.

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