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Top 10 sign of things to come in 2015 as a web design trends


(1) Go Responsive or Go Home

This sentence is perfectly suits this aspect of web design. ya it may happen that you have a reason for not going after responsiveness of the website (actually i have doubt about it), but dude responsive design is the big word itself, no i am not talking about the length of the word, i mean it’s the next level of web design.

You might say why? Why we should use responsive design? so let me tell you the reason. More then 80% of internet users browse the internet from their smartphones or computer tablet. They don’t like scrolling vertically or pinch-to-zoom actually far from it. Just ask yourself do you like that kind of crap or you want to browse a website that can easily modify itself and fit to the screen.

I will just say, responsive design is the biggest trend we gonna experience in 2015.


(2) Flat Design

Personally, i think flat design means fabulous, lovely, awesome and tremendous design. It’s so beautiful that it’s worthwhile moving your eyes over it. In case you didn’t came across this concept, flat design is full of simplicity with clean elements, that gives eye-caching and smooth impression on screen, you can see that clearly on windows 8 design(so colorful! right?)

Some may have their notion opposite from mine, but one thing for sure – this concept is very elegant and definitely it will make comprehensive affect to the world of web design in the next year.



(3) Expressive Typography

Typography is not all about the font used for displaying your content, actually it’s about expressing an image through art. as the Google fonts are free and most important that it’s very beautiful, it could be used for better typography that illustrate the art within text.

Typography emphasis on displaying beautiful message with artistic font illustration and i think 2015 is going to be the year for beautiful typography.



(4) Card Design

Do you like the design of pinterest? i know the answer, and it’s very beautiful, then i guess you’ve already liked card design. Pinterst and google+ are created on card and boxed based web design, it’s fully interactive and many web designers have implemented this concept on their websites.

Cards and boxed based web design is not just beautiful, it’s also about the user-experience and functionality that let user to like, share or comments on that particular posts.



(5) Scroll Is The New Click with Parallax Scrolling

Mostly single page website demonstrate the use of parallax scrolling and is is very pleasurable as user don’t have to wait for the pages to load instead they have to scroll with the slide of a finger and can easily navigate everything in one page.

The concept in this technique that background images move slower than foreground images, and it is all about the illusion that user can interact with. Parallax scrolling is more effective and interactive for mobile experience.



(6) Ghost Button

What’s wrong if you can accomplish stylish and graceful effect by coding only 4 lines of code. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Ghost button is kind of a neat design that comes up with the subtle hover effect. Using transparency with large background images and videos it gives stunning effect to the webpage!



(7) Background Images & Videos

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. This trend is a wonderful way to displaying the quote over a background image or video. An excellent way to use background images is to use it with ghost button overlay.this concept is the simplest way to make your site exclusive.



(8) Interactive Storytelling

Storytelling is very compelling if it done the right way, it can make your user stick with your website till the footer. I might say that if your brand has several concepts it would be very creative if you can express those concepts as a whole lot of information in one single page. Combining it with images, typography and color schemes makes it even better.

Concept is all about creativity and user experience. User wants to get more information in very short time and this approach help to be more specific as it illustrate all the concept of the brand in an interacting way.



(9) Hand Drawn Illustration

This concept takes the web design to its top level. Illustration and hand drawn effects demonstrate the personality of the website itself. It compel user’s attention towards the emotion that are used in illustration and make the site stand out from the crowd.

I think the best word that describes these concept is the word “crafted arts”, and the very best work you can do as a web designers is hand drawn illustration.



(10) SVG Icons & Animation

This is a vector based graphics that built on lines and co-ordinates and can be expressed as an illustration that could stretch itself to any size without losing quality of an images or a graphic.

SVG can be implemented by mathematical expression, and i think it is an exclusive trend that will cover the whole internet with its scalability and attractive interaction in upcoming years.



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  2. Sean

    Interesting– I am looking forward to this coming year in web design! I would love to see more flat design and card-based layouts, but kinda hope parallax scrolling becomes more of a subtle effect than it has been lately.

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