Web URL Structure

Web URL Structure
Web URL:

Protocol: // domain : port / path ? query-string #Fragment-id
  • Protocol is a communication language used between web browser and web server
    To communicate with each other where protocol is set of rules.
  • Commonly used protocol are:
    Http : it is default protocol
    Https : it is secure protocol
Domain name:
  • It is computer name or ip address in which web application present.
  • In URL it’s mandatory.
Port Number:
  • Port number uniquely identified webserver application under which
    Desire application present
  • Default port number for http is 80 and for htpps 443.
  • For Apache tomcat web server
    Port number for http – 8080
    Port number for https -8443
  •  In URL it is an optional information. if port number is not present then default
    port number used , depending on the protocol present in the URL.
  • Web Application is the collection of web resources.
  • Path in web url is a complete path of the web resource at web application side
  • It consists of the wen application name and resource file name in case of static web Resources and configured URL in case of Dynamic resources.
  • In web URL it is optional information.
  • Query String help us to pass information into servlet or JSP in
    form of name=value pair.
  • It’s an optional information and if it is present in URL then it Starts with ?
    Followed by one or more value pair which Separated by &


  • Fragment id uniquely identified particular section within a webpage.
  •  It is an optional information and if present it starts with # character followed byUnique identifier.

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