What is Java

What is java ?

Java is high level Programming language founded by sun micro system.
Java is Object oriented Programming language. In the World of java
everything is a object.

Why Java is More Popular ?

  • Java is a open source programming language created by Sun Microsoft.
  • Java is platform independent language means you can run Java Program on any
    operating system.
  • Java is fast because of JIT compiler.
  •  Java provide Garbage collector so it take care of memory.
  • Java is Secure.
  •  It is robust language.
  •  Inherent support for dynamic linking and loading.
  • When you compile java program java compiler convert java source file into byte code and extension of byte code is .class
  • .class file is jre dependent but independent of os.
  •  Jre is develop separately for each os
  •  Java as an programming language is platform independent
  •  Java as an application is platform dependent.

What is JIT compiler ?

  •  JIT means just in time Compiler.
  •  Just in time compilation is compilation done during execution of a program
    at run time rather than prior to execution.
  •  It is also known as Dynamic Translation.
  •  JIT is a program that turns java byte code into instruction that can be sent
    directly to the processor.

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