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Beginner’s Guide to The “Famous 5 Minute of Installation of WordPress” with Wamp!

Feeling excited as you are just going to get started with beautiful CMS WordPress? of course you are, i’m damn sure! It would be so efficient if you can code your themes and plugin locally at the speed of light, and learn new things about blogging. Get started with installing WordPress locally on windows using Wampserver.

Wampserver : What’s that thing?


Beginners might be thinking that i spelled the wampserver incorrectly but no, actually it’s not related to vampires, it’s a software that consist of PHP, Mysql, and apache web server to run web based application and demos on windows computer without connecting to the internet. Head over to the official website of Wampserver to download it for free of cost.

Installing wampserver

Just like any other .exe file install the wampserver on your laptop/pc. You just have to clicks several times while skipping the privacy window, and accepting that you have read it even though you didn’t even bother to look. Then clicking that “next” button several times, and at the end “finish”.


Make sure that your wampserver is running. The red icon specify that it’s currently offline, orange define that it’s just about to explode. (bomb in your laptop), And as always green color specify the good news, your wampserver is running.


Setting up a new database

Leftclick on the wampserver icon on your icon-tray and click on phpmyadmin.


Your default web browser will open with phpmyadmin, select the option databases and create your database. As always if your successful greenary will appear as below.


Say hello to WordPress

Head over to and download the latest version. Extract it to the folder C:\wamp\www or you can just do copy-paste stuff. Now open up your browser and open your localhost by simply type localhost or in your web url then hit enter. By the time you will be asked to create a configure file as WordPress stores the database info in that. There are two ways you can create that.


First: Continue with set up by clicking the button “crate a configure file” will moves you to the next screen where you have to provide some piece of information, here your default mysql username is root and default password is blank. After that click the buttom “run the install”.


Second: Open the wp-config-sample.php file which you usually gonna find in your WordPress root directory and rename it to wp-config.php, then edit your code with your database information.

Database information is nothing but the login details for your phpmyadmin database, and the login information for your WordPress set up as well. Start filling out the installation form of WordPress, and press the install WordPress button.


All right, you’re done! now WordPress will create a dashboard for you to start offline blogging and you can start coding your own themes and plugins. Play around with the dashboard and understand all the aspect.


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